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Carl Rosevear crosevear at
Thu Apr 21 22:19:08 UTC 2011

I have had this same problem, followed Google's forms, etc... they never
seem to fix it.  Its really annoying.

This is an epic fail on the part of Google in my opinion.  My netblocks all
show Seattle in whois...  my routing is obviously here...  I don't think we
have an official address in the UK listed on anything.

How does Google get this information?  Why don't they possibly ever do
anything about it?  It makes Google's properties perform abysmally to a
large percentage of our customer base. And then we get blamed for it.

And Google does nothing, even after submitting the web form that clearly
states that they will not get back to us about it but will try to resolve
the issue.  Its quite hideous really. Its in everyone's worst interest.  How
about maybe trusting my whois data?  If whois data leads to incorrect
results then it is in the netblock owners' best interest to update the whois
data if they want to be directed efficiently with gslb/etc that uses whois
data as the source.

And I've been working with ip-geo stuff for years...  I understand that a
lot of effort has gone into making it "better" than the whois data... but
every other freaking IP geolocator I type my IP into properly recognizes the
addresses are in Seattle...  why not Google?

Anyway, I at the very least commiserate with you if I'm not perhaps making
some passive-aggressive cry for help from Google or anyone else with a clue
bat about this issue.  :)  Thanks!


On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 2:36 PM, Dan White <dwhite at> wrote:

> We're experiencing very poor quality with You Tube, and it appears we're
> subject to a bad entry within a geolocation database somewhere.
> When we attempt to view videos, the contact comes back to us from IPs like:
> (traceroute's through Frankfurt)
> All of those IPs are >125ms away from us (, and
> However, we've never experienced redirection problems with Google before
> (we always land at, so I'm not sure where to take our
> trouble. The page at:
> isn't of much help as it assumes the problem is redirection.
> Are there any contacts at Youtube who could provide some assistance?
> Thanks,
> --
> Dan White

Carl Rosevear
Manager of Operations
Skytap, Inc.
direct (206) 588-8899

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