Voice Peering?

Carlos Alcantar carlos at race.com
Thu Apr 21 21:03:59 UTC 2011

What would be nice is a voice peering that actually act's as a traditional

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On 4/21/11 1:38 PM, "Scott Berkman" <scott at sberkman.net> wrote:

>Among other services, the VPF provides an ENUM infrastructure for doing
>lookups using DNS for what carrier in the exchange can route calls to a
>specific TN.  But yes, the underlying concept of the actual
>are similar to IP exchanges.
>There are also application specific exchanges out there, especially in the
>financial markets.
>    -Scott
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>> It's not specific for mobile, but this is one of the most well know VOIP
>> exchanges:
>And here I thought IP exchanges would cover the IP in VOIP.
>When do we get HTTP exchanges? :)

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