VPN over slow Internet connections

JC Dill jcdill.lists at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 19:19:54 UTC 2011

  On 21/04/11 11:53 AM, Brandon Kim wrote:
> Nothing like getting into the groove, then losing your connection, waiting for the modem to dial back up
> and then try to figure out what you were just doing!!! Again, it goes back to what I mentioned, it "could" work
> but how will that affect your overall productivity.
> Is over the air 3G or 4G not available? I'm assuming that modem is being used because broadband is not in the area....
The OP said:

> Can anyone share any thoughts or experiences for VPN links running 
> over slow Internet connections, typically 2kB/s - 3kB/s (think 33.6k 
> modem)?
> We are looking into utilising OpenVPN for out-of-office workers who 
> would be running mobile broadband in rural areas. 

It looks like they are using the fastest mobile (cellular) access 
solutions available in these rural areas with throughput speeds that are 
*about* the same as dial-up modem speeds.  Mobile broadband (sic) is 
tuned for faster downloads, upload speeds can be very very slow, 
especially if you are on the edge of their service range.  (I used 
Verizon EVDO devices for several years, have extensive first-hand 
experience in how slowly they work in many rural areas.)


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