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Thu Apr 21 14:09:31 UTC 2011

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> The LINX, TORIX, and SIX graphs provided earlier, for example, seem
> relatively flat until the Nov. timeframe at which point they seem to
> a new higher "normal".  Could just be my lack of sleep and my biased
> opinion though.  As one might infer, I'm trying to find evidence
> corroborating my own experiences.  My theory being that all of those
> Internet connected toys (Blue Ray, TVs, Ipads, etc) that hit the
> this past year have lead to a substantial increase in residential
> traffic.  If that were true, I guess I'd expect that enterprise
> service providers would not see the same uptick as residential
> Thanks again to all have responded (and anyone else that might still).
> David

David, you may also want to try to correlate the addition of
participants to the peering fabric to bandwidth growth.  I know TorIX
shows on their main page the date when new participants joined the

For example, Microsoft jointed on 9/3/10.  You may be able to see a rise
in usage shortly after.


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