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 > If it's a true research project, wouldn't you really be interested in
 > evidence for/against? :-)
 > Just my 2c here,
 > Adrian

Touche.  Fortunately not being in the academic world allows me to be
completely biased! :)  But your point is well taken, and I'll take
evidence for either side.  I appreciate all of the responses I've received
thus far.  Especially the links to the IX graphs.  While I agree you can't
account for peering/de-peering, it also strikes me that on the aggregate
the graphs do indeed show a significant increase around the "holidays"
(the US ones anyway).

The LINX, TORIX, and SIX graphs provided earlier, for example, seem
relatively flat until the Nov. timeframe at which point they seem to seek
a new higher "normal".  Could just be my lack of sleep and my biased
opinion though.  As one might infer, I'm trying to find evidence
corroborating my own experiences.  My theory being that all of those cool
Internet connected toys (Blue Ray, TVs, Ipads, etc) that hit the market
this past year have lead to a substantial increase in residential Internet
traffic.  If that were true, I guess I'd expect that enterprise oriented
service providers would not see the same uptick as residential providers.

Thanks again to all have responded (and anyone else that might still).


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