Comcast's 6to4 Relays

Antonio Querubin tony at
Wed Apr 20 03:53:48 UTC 2011

On Wed, 20 Apr 2011, Bhoomi Jain wrote:

> To give you an idea, a lot of the Internet in India depends on the 
> service of the Tata companies, with international routing coming from 
> Tata Communications AS 6453.  Announcing to 6453 as a 
> customer, I would worry about its treatment as BGP best-path, in place 
> of closer 6to4 relays.  As you understand, these circuits are very far 
> away, and also very full.  This is not something I would recommend.

Perhaps you should try convincing Tata to setup their own 6to4 relay so 
they can provide a better experience for their own customers who, for 
whatever reason, may not be able to get or use native IPv6 for quite some 

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