IPv4 address exchange

Peter Thimmesch peter.thimmesch at depository.net
Wed Apr 20 01:08:42 UTC 2011



Please note that we have filed our proposal for accreditation of IP address
registrars with ICANN over a month ago. (Please see ICANN's Correspondence
Page, Letters from David Holtzman to David Olive and John Jeffrey, filed 2
March 2011, Proposed Statement of IP Policy)
ditation-policy-31mar11-en.pdf >


In addition we pointed out, in our opinion, that the current process for
reviewing and approving a Global Policy is somewhat skewed towards the
Regional Internet Registries. Hence we requested that due to this obvious
and readily apparent Conflict-of-Interest (yes, I expect you will disagree
with even this, which is so clear that to debate this would be simply too
much even by the new standards that you have set recently in your online
arguments with Prof. Mueller) we explore other forums to have the merits of
the proposal aired. 




Peter Thimmesch



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