IPv4 address exchange

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Tue Apr 19 20:45:57 UTC 2011


Given ARIN's STLS, it would seem even ARIN has the 'right perspective' to see the "up$ide". It's more about the implication of folks having increasing financial incentive to go outside the existing mechanisms (e.g., Nortel/Microsoft) and the implications that has on network operations.

Since it would seem we have an impedance mismatch on this topic, I'll not bore NANOG with further discussion.


On Apr 19, 2011, at 11:37 AM, John Curran wrote:

> On Apr 19, 2011, at 1:19 PM, Jeff Wheeler <jsw at inconcepts.biz> wrote:
>> Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how a bunch of different
>> entities providing fragmented "post-allocation services" is of any
>> benefit.
> Jeff -
>    Imagine for a moment that you had quite a few 
> unneeded addresses and the upheaval also meant 
> no pesky policy constraints on your monetization efforts -  
> would you then view it as having some benefit?  You just 
> might not have the right perspective to appreciate the 
> potential up$ide...
> /John 
> John Curran
> President and CEO

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