Easily confused...

ML ml at kenweb.org
Tue Apr 19 10:30:10 UTC 2011

On 4/18/2011 2:53 PM, Scott Weeks wrote:

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>> They are testing IPTV on Oahu in preperation for roll-out, so maybe they
>> renumbered in order to more easily identify the segments.(?)
>    Really, I'd have hoped they'd use their two-year-old 2607:f9a0::/32
> for anything that ambitious...but I might be wishing for too much.
> (Also, that 123 block seems to have been allocated in 2006, so it'd be
> even more unprofessional to start projects with that space since then.)
> --------------------------------------------------------
> I'm the one that got this space for them, but allocation of folks to IPv6 roll out was minimal due the the upcoming IPTV roll out.  I was the lone IPv6 voice in the company for a long time, but when I left there was gaining interest in IPv6 strategies.  Not enough netgeeks and too many projects rolling out.
> scott

With the crudiness of the IPTV middleware aimed for smaller deployments, 
I'd expect nothing less than blank stares if you mention IPv6 multicast. 
  Not to mention it would probably not work for 5 years.

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