IPv4 address exchange

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Apr 19 00:59:13 UTC 2011

> At John Curran's advice, the ARIN Advisory Council abandoned my proposals.  Two of them are now in "petition" for further discussion, including ARIN-prop-134 which outlines how to identify a "legitimate address holder" and ARIN-prop-136 which allows a Legacy holder to "opt-out" of ARIN's services.  The idea is to make it possible for legacy holders (who don't have a contract with ARIN) to disarm ARIN's whois weapon.
I don't agree with this characterization of our actions.

I did not feel that John Curran advised us to act in any particular direction. Yes, he did raise some concerns
about the outcome of the policy proposals being adopted, but, many of us already had those concerns in
mind before John said anything.

I believe that if the AC felt that your proposals were in the best interests of the community and/or had the
broad support of the community, we would have placed them on the docket with or without the concerns
expressed by Mr. Curran.

I am speaking here only of my own personal perspective, but, I can assure you that my vote in favor
of abandoning your proposals was based entirely on the lack of community support for the proposals
and the nature of the proposals themselves being contrary to what I believed was the good of the


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