eigrp set next hop

Andrey Khomyakov khomyakov.andrey at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 21:08:43 UTC 2011

Hi nanog

I need to advertise EIGRP route with a different next-hop value than self

Due to how the connections are setup, I have to run BGP between two peers
that are 3 hops away from each other.

I'm running EBGP between router1 and router3
router1 is redistributing into EIGRP that's running with router2

The problem is that now router2 thinks that router3 routes are reachable via
router1 so I have myself a route loop.

Is there a way to advertise an EIGRP route with next hop of router3 (or
firewall for that matter) rather than router1 which is what EIGRP does by

Thank you in advance for advice.

Andrey Khomyakov
[khomyakov.andrey at gmail.com]

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