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Brielle Bruns bruns at 2mbit.com
Sun Apr 17 00:08:07 UTC 2011

On 4/16/11 6:03 PM, Michael Painter wrote:
> Thanks.  What concerned me was the first hop...22ms. is ~ the distance
> from Maui to Oahu, but why the Chinese IP?  Cruel joke?
> I"m using Hawaiian Telcom's ADSL service and that first hop has always
> been their gateway IP address.
> Another TCP trace shows the first hop as CN
> address.

I'm assuming your provider's network engineers (stupidly) assumed 
123.x.x.x was a good idea for use in a private setup because it hadn't 
been assigned from the global pool (yet).

Wouldn't be the first provider or service to not use proper RFC assigned 
private IP space for their internal networking setup.

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