How is IPv6 deployment going in the APNIC region?

Franck Martin fmartin at
Thu Apr 14 21:15:55 UTC 2011

Recently, Microsoft Australia has been refused a temp allocation (like
they had every year) for one of their conferences.

On 4/15/11 9:01 , "Iljitsch van Beijnum" <iljitsch at> wrote:

>On 14 apr 2011, at 13:02, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
>> Based on that file, APNIC still has 17.57 million regular + 2.27 M
>>legacy = 19.84 M total address space, so another 0.5 M wouldn't deplete
>>what's left.
>I just got the 15 apr file which has the info for 14 apr (sigh...) and
>indeed 1100 blocks adding up to 0.52 million addresses were given out
>today. And that still leaves 2.27 million legacy addresses available,
>including all of except 43.244 and 43.253, as well as 0.34
>million non-legacy, non-103/8 addresses.
>103/8 is apparently going to be the special final /8. It's still wide
>open except a /16, a /22 and a /24 that are registered to the debogon
>project (as of a week and a half ago).

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