How is IPv6 deployment going in the APNIC region?

Tore Anderson tore.anderson at
Thu Apr 14 11:50:20 UTC 2011

* Iljitsch van Beijnum

> On 14 apr 2011, at 8:33, Tore Anderson wrote:
>> Actually, they're already empty. Chinanet Fujian Province Network 
>> allocated 498432 addresses today, spread out over 1102(!)
>> individual prefixes in the range /21-/24.
> Where do you see this? On I see
> delegated-apnic-20110414 which only contains info upto the 13th and
> has a timestamp of Apr 13 15:15.
> Based on that file, APNIC still has 17.57 million regular + 2.27 M
> legacy = 19.84 M total address space, so another 0.5 M wouldn't
> deplete what's left.


APNIC has for some time now made available an extended version of the
delegated file that explicitly says which blocks are available:

Disregarding 103/8, there were 1104 remaining available prefixes before
APNIC's offices opened today. Now they're closed, and by looking in I can tell that every single one of the prefixes that
were marked in the delegated-extended file as available is now allocated
- 1102 of them to Chinanet Fujian Province Network, and two
( and to the APNIC Debogon Project.

So unless some new blocks (for example returned space) has made it into
the free pool today, they are down to their last /8. Actually, they're a
bit under one /8, as there's been some assignments made to the Debogon
Project in 103/8 already.

> I also don't get what they did two days ago:
> inetnum: -
> netname:        Debogon-prefix
> descr:          APNIC Debogon Project
> This is address space that's now marked as delegated and removed from
> the pile of unused address space for no obvious reason.

I believe they are using those prefixes for research. According to the
APNIC whois database, 53 individual assignments have been made to the
Debogon Project (including the three we've mentioned). In any case, when
looking at the graph at

and the delegated-extended file, it appears that these prefixes do count
as assigned space like any other assignment. I would assume that when
the research project is over, they will be returned to the free pool and
assigned under the last /8 policy just like any other space that enters
the pool after the last /8 policy has been implemented.

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