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Tue Apr 12 03:39:33 UTC 2011

On Mon, 11 Apr 2011 22:58:11 EDT, Bryan Fields said:
> The issue with outlook/exchange is there is no way to use another client with
> it. I cannot even force plain text to the internet, the server send it as
> quoted printable even if I strip all formatting.

If the entire body part is expressible in US-ASCII, then the case can be made
that using quoted-printable *anyhow* is a bug because it's using an
un-necessary encoding..

> The outlook email client does not support wrapping text at a given line length
> either.

Except for RFC2045, section 6.7, which addresses this:

                                                                             A body which is
   entirely US-ASCII may also be encoded in Quoted-Printable to ensure
   the integrity of the data should the message pass through a
   character-translating, and/or line-wrapping gateway.

In other words, "since we can't wrap at anyplace sane, we're worried that a
line pretending to be a paragraph will hit the 998-octet SMTP linelength

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