internet probe can track you within 690 m

Franck Martin fmartin at
Mon Apr 11 21:36:57 UTC 2011

Don't forget the use for 911 type services.

On 4/12/11 8:10 , "Jeroen van Aart" <jeroen at> wrote:

>"The new method zooms in through three stages to locate a target
>computer. The first stage measures the time it takes to send a data
>packet to the target and converts it into a distance ­ a common
>geolocation technique that narrows the target's possible location to a
>radius of around 200 kilometres.
>Finally, they repeat the landmark search at this more fine-grained
>level: comparing delay times once more, they establish which landmark
>server is closest to the target. The result can never be entirely
>accurate, but it's much better than trying to determine a location by
>converting the initial delay into a distance or the next best IP-based
>method. On average their method gets to within 690 metres of the target
>and can be as close as 100 metres ­ good enough to identify the target
>computer's location to within a few streets."
>It seems to me to be a rather flaky way of finding out your estimated

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