Barracuda Networks is at it again: Any Suggestions as to anAlternative?

Michael Painter tvhawaii at
Mon Apr 11 09:11:44 UTC 2011

gord wrote:
> I wonder if there's a filter for top-postings in list that have a
> bottom-posting rule?
> This thread is very operationally interesting to me but I've lost the
> plot :(
> refers.
> PS: I know that some devices actually prevent bottom-posting by default.
> Workarounds are possible and are evident in other recent posts to this
> list.
> Additionally, may I suggest you file a bug report with your vendors or
> switch to a device that you can control properly :)

It makes the thread very hard to follow.
> Why not?
>> Please don't top post!

I used to have this available for a 'signature', but, with a few exceptions, it seems to fall on blind eyes these 

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