Barracuda Networks is at it again: Any Suggestions as to an Alternative

Joel M Snyder Joel.Snyder at Opus1.COM
Mon Apr 11 06:16:36 UTC 2011

> You get their filtering power for free and don't have to deal with the
> hardware, if you don't particularly like it.

That's not completely true; the Barracuda appliance uses both 
block-lists and content-based filtering.  The block-list is free for 
anyone who wants it, but the content-based filtering is not.

However, the block-list *is* now one of the best ones out there.  They 
had a rocky start, but in the last year they have consistently 
outperformed most of the other no-charge block-lists both in terms of 
catch rate and false positive rate.

Spamhaus has long been one of my favorites for its performance, but I am 
now seeing Barracuda beat them each month in catch rate, sometimes by a 
nice margin.  (FP rate for both lists is about the same; VERY close to 
zero.)  If you like Spamhaus, you should try Barracuda block-list and 
see if it helps in your mail stream.   (Every stream is different, so my 
results may not match your results.)


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