Barracuda Networks is at it again: Any Suggestions as to an Alternative?

Justin Scott leviathan at
Sat Apr 9 04:42:23 UTC 2011

> No such luck: They want me to PAY FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR for
> which I did NOT receive service and then for the current (upcoming
> year). Sorry - I don't allow myself to be ripped off like that.

Hi John, this is actually a pretty common practice for service
subscription models where the software and its components (spam filter
rules in this case) are being continually updated.  Essentially the
way Barracuda sees it is that you bought the product and paid for a
service contract for X period of time and they provided software and
filter updates during that period.  You chose not to renew, so they
stopped providing updates.  Now you want to renew again from today
forward which means you're going to get the same benefits as customers
who kept their contracts current (i.e. all the software upgrades and
updated filters) without contributing to their development.  Granted
you didn't get them at the time they came out, but you're going to
benefit NOW from work that was done at that time (the un-paid period)
AND all the future updates that come out during your new renewal
period.  Basically, what they're saying is that if you want to get
those benefits, you have to pay for them by renewing from the point
where you lapsed.  If a NEW customer signed on right now, they have to
make an initial purchase which contributes both to the original
development and potentially covers their service plan for some period
as well.  They're not trying to rip you off, they're just making sure
everyone pays their share for those accrued benefits.  You just have
to look at it from the standpoint of whether it is cheaper for you to
renew your service versus the initial purchase cost for a new customer
with new service.  Some companies won't let you renew your service at
all if it's been expired for some period and force you to sign up as a
new customer again, so at least they're giving you that option.

Look at it from the provider's point of view and ask yourself how you
would run the business and what you're trying to do will suddenly look
like a potential loophole that could be abused and needs to be


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