Implementations/suggestions for Multihoming IPv6 for DSL sites

Owen DeLong owen at
Fri Apr 8 16:39:19 UTC 2011

On Apr 8, 2011, at 9:30 AM, Seth Mattinen wrote:

> On 4/8/11 8:31 AM, Job Snijders wrote:
>>> As Seth pointed out SHIM6 is still an academic exercise
>> Another Locator / ID separator protocol is LISP. The advantage is that you don't need to 
>> change the host but only the CPE. I've been using it to multi-home my house and it works
>> fine. I'm multihoming my IPv6 /48 over a v6-only DSL and a v4-only FTTH connection. 
>> More information about LISP be found here:
> Ah, I completely forgot about LISP, which reminds me, I'd wanted to set
> it up for fun and learning.
> ~Seth

LISP can also be a good option. Comes with slightly more overhead in terms of
encapsulation/etc. than the GRE tunnels I use and has limited (if any) functionality
for IPv4 (which GRE supports nicely).


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