Implementations/suggestions for Multihoming IPv6 for DSL sites

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Fri Apr 8 06:54:01 UTC 2011

On 4/7/11 8:30 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
>>>>> Otherwise some kind of routing must be implemented on hosts.
>>>> Some kind of routing is already implemented on hosts.
>>> honto???
>> your mobile phone is multihomed, as is this laptop I'm typing on.
> routing != multihomed

it's not an autonomous system it's embedded inside one or more of them...

it most definitely makes a forwarding decision which in this case also
requires address selection.

> try rfc 1812

   A router connects to two or more logical interfaces, represented by
   IP subnets or unnumbered point to point lines (discussed in section
   [2.2.7]).  Thus, it has at least one physical interface.  Forwarding
   an IP datagram generally requires the router to choose the address
   and relevant interface of the next-hop router or (for the final hop)
   the destination host.  This choice, called relaying or forwarding
   depends upon a route database within the router.  The route database
   is also called a routing table or forwarding table.  The term
   "router" derives from the process of building this route database;
   routing protocols and configuration interact in a process called

> randy

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