IPv4 Address Exhaustion Effects on the Earth

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Tue Apr 5 02:24:29 UTC 2011

> In the mean while, we've started work on various AQM and buffer
> management systems, at www.bufferbloat.net.  SFB (Stochastic Fair
> went upstream into Linux to aid testing last month, and we have an
> implementation of eBDP as well with which we are experimenting.
> Wireless is much more of a challenge than the classic internet router
> case.  Please come help.

In my context "Wireless" means "mobile" and the challenge there is that
"I lost a packet" doesn't mean "there is congestion".  It most likely
means the user walked in front of a pole, the signal faded briefly, they
dropped a packet and are perfectly fine now.  So in that context, tcp/ip
behaves as if it is seeing congestion when it is really seeing a
momentary loss of connectivity that comes right back as soon as the end
node moves 5 feet to the left.  The right answer there might be
ubiquitous support of ECN and treating packet loss in the absence of ECN
as a connectivity issue and not a congestion issue but we are a long way
from proper ECN support.

I will have another look at the site, it has been a while since I was
there last.


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