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Thank you all for replying.  

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> Hello All,
>                 I am looking for some good reading material to get a
> better understanding of IPV6.  I know how to convert HEX into decimal
> format.  What I am looking for is how to under the CIDR notation and
> break them out into subnets.   Thank you in advance.

I recommend 'Running IPv6' by Iljitsch van Beijnum or 'IPv6 Essentials' by
Silvia Hagen.  Also Chris Grundemann wrote a Day One Guide for Juniper
entitled "Exploring IPv6" which you can download for free at
52402 - Chapter 1 in the Day One guide has a lot of really good information
on understanding IPv6 addressing formats, subnetting, etc. 

Either one of those should be able to answer most of your questions.

Stefan Fouant

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