BGP next-hop

Heath Jones hj1980 at
Thu Sep 30 23:32:17 UTC 2010

> it seems it gets the bgp route for and then can not
> resolve the next hop.  it would not recurse to the default exit.
> of course it was solved by
>    ip route  42.666.77.11
> but i do not really understand in my heart why i needed to do this.

Neither do I, Randy.
I have seen recursive routing done - perhaps on a juniper - i really
cannot remember.
Given that the packet would be originating from the device itself (not
hardware forwarded), it would make sense that it should be able to
perform a recursive lookup. I'd put it down to an implementation

Unrelated, I was doing some thinking about a multihomed site and using
BGP advertisments sent out one link (provider 1) to influence the
sending of the advertisments out of the other link (provider 2). Long
story short I needed to know how long bgp nlri's take to traverse the
net, and subsequently have a paper that you co-authored open in
another tab - well done! :)

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