BGP next-hop

Heath Jones hj1980 at
Thu Sep 30 22:56:06 UTC 2010

>> show bgp ipv4 unicast why-chosen
>> Would be insanely useful.

> Been in JUNOS "show route" since day one, and IMHO is easily in the top
> 10 list of why I still buy Juniper instead of Cisco despite all the
> $%^&*ing bugs these days.

Its interesting, I was heavy into cisco years back and then juniper
for a while. Going back to cisco now is great (always good for me to
keep my exposure up), but there is just so much unclear in it's CLI.
It wasn't until going back that I realised.

I guess they would have to balance keeping the old timers & scripts
etc happy VS bringing in new features that make the output look
different.. Do you keep something that isn't perfect but people know
how to use, or change it and cause more issues than good?

ps. Juniper has really gone to $h!t lately. There's a website called that I found - go look up what employees have to say
about it.. reflects exactly the support we were getting, even as as an
'elite' partner..

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