BGP next-hop

Franck Martin franck at
Thu Sep 30 22:00:08 UTC 2010

Because the path was broken everytime the bgp session was established and rewriting the routing table with more specific routes?

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i was recently bitten by a cousin of this

research router getting an ebgp multi-hop full feed from
(address is relevant)

it is on a lan with a default gateway 42.666.77.11 (address not
relevant), so it has

    ip route  42.666.77.11

massive flapping results.  

it seems it gets the bgp route for and then can not
resolve the next hop.  it would not recurse to the default exit.

of course it was solved by

    ip route  42.666.77.11

but i do not really understand in my heart why i needed to do this.


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