LISP Works - Re: Facebook Issues/Outage in Southeast?

Job W. J. Snijders job at
Thu Sep 30 15:15:06 UTC 2010

Dear Cameron & everybody,

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 8:32 PM, Job W. J. Snijders <job at> wrote:

>>> The fact that LISP does help in IPv6 Transition solutions (due to its
>>> inherent AF agnostic design), is compelling. As you say, real end 2 end is
>>> the goal - and LISP helps here, regardless of the AF. (you'll will still
>>> want to do multi-homing in IPv6, and ingress TE, and mobility, etc.).

Have you already joined the LISP Beta Network? All you need is a
router that can run the LISP images (871, 1841, 2821, 7200 etc)

It's completely open, and the guys behind
lisp-support at can hook you up for free, provide you
with everything you need: beta image, a block of public ipv4/ipv6
space and configuration guides, although it's only about 10 lines of
config. :-)

You could use LISP at home, like I do, and get some hands on
experience - enjoy the net behind LISP! provides more information.

Kind regards,

Job Snijders

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