AS11296 -- Hijacked?

Heath Jones hj1980 at
Wed Sep 29 12:16:01 UTC 2010

>>Out of curiosity, what led you to this conclusion?
> A number of factors, actually.
> Although I had started to type up a lengthy and elaborate response to
> your eminently reasonable question, on second thought, I don't think
> that I actually want to go into detail on this case, as anything I
> might say as regards to how I detected this would just allow future
> hijackers to evade me that much more effectively.
> So I'm sorry to be giving you a non-answer, but actually, I think that's
> best for now.

Let me reword...
What is stopping someone coming on the list, making a claim like you
have in an attempt to actually cause a DOS attack, by having some
clumsy network engineers starting to block traffic in reaction to your
I'm sure that you've done your investigation (dont get me wrong) and
your might sure be right in your assertions, nevertheless evidence is
pretty much needed for a claim like that!

> In any case, further discussion of this particular case now appears to
> be moot.

Ok, but back to my point - what is the evidence and how are people to
trust what your saying?

> P.S.  Yes, I actually _am_ blocking inbound e-mail from google/gmail.
> Too much spam from there, and far too little action to correct the
> abundant problem(s).  (Can you spell E-V-I-L?)  Also blocked here:
> Yahoo and Hotmail, for the same reasons. (To big to fail?  No.  Just
> too big to care.  They don't need me, and I sure as hell don't need
> them.)

Let me get this right.. You use your own mail server and have problems
filtering spam.
I use gmail and don't have that problem.

> I guess you don't have a real mail server of your own that you can use.
> For that, you have my sympathies.

The only time I have problems is when I try and send an email to some
muppet that has blocked gmail & hotmail & god knows what else.
Perhaps you should do yourself a favour, turn off your mail server and
open up a gmail/hotmail account like the rest of the population.

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