AS11296 -- Hijacked?

jim deleskie deleskie at
Wed Sep 29 11:38:17 UTC 2010

WOW full of yourself much.   Many of us use gmail and others to manage the
load of mail we received from various lists.  I doubt we anyone needs
your sympathies,
Good luck getting assistance from the list in the future, but I doubt you
need it, you see to be able to do everything on your own.

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 8:22 AM, Ronald F. Guilmette
<rfg at>wrote:

> Heath Jones <hj1980 at> wrote:
> >Out of curiosity, what led you to this conclusion?
> A number of factors, actually.
> Although I had started to type up a lengthy and elaborate response to
> your eminently reasonable question, on second thought, I don't think
> that I actually want to go into detail on this case, as anything I
> might say as regards to how I detected this would just allow future
> hijackers to evade me that much more effectively.
> So I'm sorry to be giving you a non-answer, but actually, I think that's
> best for now.
> In any case, further discussion of this particular case now appears to
> be moot.  As of now, it appears that AS11296 is no longer announcing any
> routes at all, so I'm assuming that Nishant Ramachandran (Xeex/AS27524)
> and/or whoever else may have been involved in this has now been adequately
> spanked.  (And my personal thanks go out to whoever did that.)
> Regards,
> rfg
> P.S.  Yes, I actually _am_ blocking inbound e-mail from google/gmail.
> Too much spam from there, and far too little action to correct the
> abundant problem(s).  (Can you spell E-V-I-L?)  Also blocked here:
> Yahoo and Hotmail, for the same reasons. (To big to fail?  No.  Just
> too big to care.  They don't need me, and I sure as hell don't need
> them.)
> I guess you don't have a real mail server of your own that you can use.
> For that, you have my sympathies.

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