tagged vs. untagged VLAN

Daniel Dib daniel.dib at reaper.nu
Wed Sep 29 04:15:23 UTC 2010

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Subject: tagged vs. untagged VLAN

>In a SP environment, you need to hand off two VLANs to a customer, is
>there any advantage or disadvantage in doing the following two setups?
>- One untagged and one tagged VLAN
>- Two tagged VLAN and no untagged VLAN
>I can't think of anything other than some equipment may not let you
>have no untagged VLAN.  But it's bugging me that something could go
>wrong by not having untagged native VLAN that I can't think of.

I would go with tagged for both VLANs. If you can't tag the native in your
equipment create a dummy VLAN and use it as native on the link and all VLANs
will be tagged. If you know the customer will be using more VLANs later on
Q-in-Q might be a good solution or you will have to transport a lot of VLANs
in your network and they might collide with other customers etc.


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