Online games stealing your bandwidth

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at
Mon Sep 27 20:01:39 UTC 2010

On 27 Sep 2010, at 20:54, Brandon Butterworth wrote:

>>> I fail to see the point. If an ISP needs to add caches they may
>>> as well just add a simple, cheaper, standard, http cache.
>> It's a bang-per-buck issue, and depends highly on whether your
>> particular network sees more HTTP or P2P traffic.
> Orly.
> No, I mean if there have to be caches why use p2p in the first place,
> once there's a network of caches p2p becomes a more complicated http
> and that model has been well optimised by some.
> I know the people stealing things don't want to pay akamai but games
> charging for access are a different matter.
> brandon

I agree but it isnt the SP who drives P2P use, its the users.. So whilst they use it, networks kind of have to make it work.
We used the P2P cache for a very specific reason. We had a wireless uplink constrained network and the P2P cache cached users uplink traffic and served it from the cache, saving us about 50% up our P2P uplink load.

Leigh Porter

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