Online games stealing your bandwidth

Jack Bates jbates at
Mon Sep 27 16:39:11 UTC 2010

On 9/25/2010 6:47 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> I don't recall any protocols being standard.

I don't either, though I recall bittorrent actually supporting it once 
and pushing to have ISP support and stay away from encryption/ISP 
circumvention. That was years ago. Haven't stayed current.

> Plenty of people sell p2p caches but they all work using magic, smoke
> and mirrors.

Seem to recall some law suits concerning a few of them. Even if we had 
ISP supporting caches, there is always the problem getting p2p clients 
to support them (given they often are too busy trying to circumvent).

A good standard would be nice, though, and at least offer a middle 
ground for trying to get support for such technology as well as pushing 
it back to open source, legitimate caching vs lying to p2p clients, and 
solving many issues that pop up from time to time of upstreams not 
supporting the downstream loads, which a cache could heavily alleviate.


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