Routers in Data Centers

James P. Ashton james at
Mon Sep 27 03:57:04 UTC 2010

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On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 11:02 PM, Heath Jones <hj1980 at> wrote:
>> But it seems, that NetFPGA has not enough memory to hold a full view
>> (current 340k routes).
> It's just a development platform for prototyping designs, not
> something you would use in production...
> I want to use it to implement and test ideas that I have, and play
> with some different forwarding architectures, not use it as a final
> product :)

also, does a datacenter router/switch need a full table? isn't that
the job of the peering/transit routers in your scheme?

Sometimes, but often you get odd results when internal gateway routers only see a pair of default gateways via OSPF or IS-IS. Sometimes the only real fix is to have a full table on these routers as well as your border/peering routers. 


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