Routers in Data Centers

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Mon Sep 27 00:42:18 UTC 2010

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010, Rubens Kuhl wrote:

> Not high speed ASICs, but there are hardware-forwarding open-source(in
> a broad definition) solutions:
> There are 3 related presentations on NANOG 50, which suggests these
> solutions are reaching "real ops" quality.

I hate to sound (more) like a broken record but if people want
to see open source hardware forwarding platforms succeeding
(and the software platforms get better), then look at trying to be
involved in their development.

Too many companies seem to think open source equates to "free stuff
that I can use and not pay for"; rather than thinking of it as
a normal product (with development cycles, resources, etc that any
commercial development requires)  that gives them the ability to
choose their own direction rather than be beholden to the whims
of a vendor.

One of the fun divides in open source at times is the big gap between
"works" and "works in practice". The only way to get "ops ready" stuff
is to work with open source people to make it actually work in your
environment rather than "what works for them". :-)

(Or you could wait for Google - but doesn't that make you beholden
to them as your vendor? :)


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