Mobile Operator Connectivity

Leo Woltz leo.woltz at
Sat Sep 25 20:37:10 UTC 2010

I am looking for some guidance from the list.  We will soon be deploying
wireless payment devices (CDMA/GSM).  We are looking at options on where to
locate the servers that will run the backend payment gateways; we would like
the least amount of latency between the servers and the wireless networks as
possible.  The wireless networks we will be deploying the devices on are:

AT&T Wireless

Verizon Wireless

Sprint PCS

Rogers Wireless

Bell Mobility

Telus Mobility


I was thinking we have a few options, to try and peer with the wireless
networks directly, buy bandwidth from networks that are directly peered with
the wireless operators or the Global Roaming Exchange Peering service that
Equinix runs but I have not been able to find out much more then what is on
Equinix’s public web site.   We also have a need to peer with PayPal and
Amazon.  I welcome the lists comments and recommendations.

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