Online games stealing your bandwidth

Rodrick Brown rodrick.brown at
Sat Sep 25 20:16:46 UTC 2010

I think most people are aware that the Blizzard "World of WarcCraft" patcher
distributes files through Bittorrent, however apparently a number of other
MMO companies (LotR, Lego) are apparently doing something similar but aren't
as upfront about it, and are installing Windows services which seed whenever
the computer is online. Game Companies Should Play Fair With P2P |

If you follow the links in the article people are complaining that the LotR
process has served 70gb in a week, others are complaining that the service
is resulting in 300ms pings, and unusable connections.
This is a very grey area it will be interesting how this issue unfolds in
the long run.

[ Rodrick R. Brown ]

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