Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Fri Sep 24 21:45:59 UTC 2010

On 2010-09-24 23:41, Matlock, Kenneth L wrote:
> Which is fine and all (being that it's on-topic). My main beef is that a
> certain person can't take a hint. Using an 'anonymous' re-mailer to try
> and get people to read nothing more than copy/paste, and then 5 billion
> 'references' (most of which use asinine '' references
> instead of the actual document) strikes me as unprofessional at the
> least, if not infantile.
> I'd have thought he'd have learned the last 50 times he got smacked down
> for this. But of course, I'm just an ignorant American! :)

If you where less ignorant and more ignoring then nobody else would
notice it due to their killfiles...

aka 'be quiet and the trolls won't have any fun'. The mods are doing
quite a fine job already from what I heard, they can't always be on
guard though, sometimes they drink a bit too much whiskey ;)


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