Facebook Issues/Outage in Southeast?

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Thu Sep 23 20:01:19 UTC 2010

On Thu, 23 Sep 2010, Steven Bellovin wrote:

> On Sep 23, 2010, at 3:40 59PM, Paul Stewart wrote:
>> Over on the outages list there is a lot of discussion... I believe
>> everyone is effected - we are peered with them in several locations and
>> cannot reach them.
> http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2010/09/22/facebook-goes-down-for-some-users/

That's about yesterday's outage...but it has a helpful link to Facebook's 
twitter, where they apparently just posted[1]

   We've fixed the issue with a third-party networking provider, and anyone
   impacted should be able to access Facebook normally.

yet facebook.com is still largely busted.  The main page took quite a 
while, but did eventually load.  Clicking links on it yields:

  Service Unavailable - DNS failure

  The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try
  again later.
  Reference #11.e321d0d1.1285271763.14f5425

I think they're still dealing with some issues.

[1] I don't use twitter, and though it says that was posted "less than 20 
seconds ago via HootSuite", I call BS...because minutes later, it still 
says "less than 20 seconds ago..."  So for all I know, that could be their 
tweet from yesterday.

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