US hunters shoot down Google fibre

Reese reese at
Tue Sep 21 19:35:55 UTC 2010

At 11:39 21 09 10, Leslie wrote:

>I don't think anyone is claiming all hunters/gun owners are irresponsible,

Re-read the article. "[h]unters" it said, not "some hunters" or
"irresponsible hunters". How broad must the brush be, before you
feel personally impugned and maligned?

>but, as with any segment of the population, when you have a large 
>group there will be a percentage of complete idiots out there who 
>take stupid actions.

I acknowledged that. I regret its truthiness. But with Google and
only Google as a named victim of the hardware DoS, I have yet to
read anything that convinces me that it was not corporate sabotage.

My point was not that wires and insulators do not get shot or shot
at, but that "hunters" was a convenient excuse that other things
could be too-conveniently classified with.

Who, here, hunts? Shoot at wires and insulators on towers, do you?


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