Active Directory requires Microsoft DNS?

JoeSox joesox at
Mon Sep 20 14:23:08 UTC 2010

I have seen BIND to MS DNS zone transfers work fine before.

Thanks, Joe

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 7:13 AM, Matlock, Kenneth L
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> Active directly is tied fairly closely to it's DNS.
> For example, if a client needs to find a Domain Controller, it does a
> DNS 'SRV' query for (I think, I'm doing this from memory)
> ''. I assume other 'services' like
> LDAP are 'advertised' (if you can call it that) via DNS as well.
> You MAY be able to duplicate all the records in BIND, but expect random
> things to not work, and have to do a bunch of research figuring out what
> DNS query it's doing, and what the proper answer is.
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> Subject: Active Directory requires Microsoft DNS?
> Presently our organization utilizes BIND for DNS services, with the
> Networking team administering.  We are now being told by the Systems
> team
> that they will be responsible for DNS services and that it will be
> changed
> over to the Microsoft DNS service run on domain controllers.  The reason
> given is that the Active Directory implementation requires the Microsoft
> service and dynamic DNS.  Not being a Microsoft administrator I do not
> know
> the veracity of these claims.  Anyone out there had any experiences with
> a
> situation like this?  I am a bit leery of changing something that is
> already
> working.

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