Active Directory requires Microsoft DNS?

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at
Mon Sep 20 14:17:28 UTC 2010

 That has been the stock MS answer for a long time, but at least W2K8 makes a few
concessions.  Technet has some references on making "bind" configurations to work with
AD, specifically the statement (and here's perhaps the best place to start...):

> When a domain controller is promoted, a file named NETLOGON.DNS is created in the
> %systemroot%\system32\config folder. This file contains all of the DNS entries the
> domain controller would register. This file can be used to aid in statically entering
> Active Directory DNS records.

There are still "assumptions" that not only will MS provide DNS, but also DHCP, and even
if you poke both of them properly with non-MS tools, you still have to insure that your
naming conventions are going to work together properly (e.g., search suffix on DNS
lookups to resolve domain resources when Windows clients will inevitably use an
unqualified \\servername\sharename to access things).  Get your windows folks in the
habit of fully-qualifying servernames.domain.tld instead.


On 9/20/2010 10:04 AM, Tom Mikelson wrote:
> Presently our organization utilizes BIND for DNS services, with the
> Networking team administering.  We are now being told by the Systems team
> that they will be responsible for DNS services and that it will be changed
> over to the Microsoft DNS service run on domain controllers.  The reason
> given is that the Active Directory implementation requires the Microsoft DNS
> service and dynamic DNS.  Not being a Microsoft administrator I do not know
> the veracity of these claims.  Anyone out there had any experiences with a
> situation like this?  I am a bit leery of changing something that is already
> working.

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