Active Directory requires Microsoft DNS?

Matlock, Kenneth L MatlockK at
Mon Sep 20 14:13:03 UTC 2010

Active directly is tied fairly closely to it's DNS.

For example, if a client needs to find a Domain Controller, it does a
DNS 'SRV' query for (I think, I'm doing this from memory)
''. I assume other 'services' like
LDAP are 'advertised' (if you can call it that) via DNS as well.

You MAY be able to duplicate all the records in BIND, but expect random
things to not work, and have to do a bunch of research figuring out what
DNS query it's doing, and what the proper answer is.

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Presently our organization utilizes BIND for DNS services, with the
Networking team administering.  We are now being told by the Systems
that they will be responsible for DNS services and that it will be
over to the Microsoft DNS service run on domain controllers.  The reason
given is that the Active Directory implementation requires the Microsoft
service and dynamic DNS.  Not being a Microsoft administrator I do not
the veracity of these claims.  Anyone out there had any experiences with
situation like this?  I am a bit leery of changing something that is

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