caribbean cable ip contact

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Sep 19 08:17:11 UTC 2010

if a clued engineer at caribbean cable happens to read this message, i
would be thankful if they contacted me privately.  thank you.



From: Randy Bush <randy at>
Subject: very strange internet behavior
To: customersupport at
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 04:14:08 -0400

[ this needs to be escalated to an internet engineer ]


i am an old senior internet geek vacationing on nevis's nesbit beach.
the cottage has your tv and internet service.

during what i suspect are the busy hours of the day, your internet
service borders on useless.  it is as if an overloaded NAT is in the
middle. one can reach very few web sites.  one can reach (ping, ssh,
...) some hosts and not others.  and the hosts are in the same rack and
same ip address space in a stateside colo.  one can ping a host but not
ssh to it.  or i can be sshed into a host and yet not be able to ping
it.  very twisty stuff.

if i turn on the tv, the cable seems to be working.

i can run an openvpn tunnel to a stateside or japan-based host and then
everything is reachable.  of course i have to try three or four of my
openvpn serving hosts before i find one which is reachable.  this is not
a great solution, and certainly not one available to the vast majority
of your customers.

from an engineer's point of view, i would love to understand what the
cause of all this really is.


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