fibr question - Please help

Justin M. Streiner streiner at
Fri Sep 17 00:45:41 UTC 2010

On Thu, 16 Sep 2010, Deric Kwok wrote:

> I don't have two fibr card so that I can't test it
> If i have one setting as mode "NOT negot, one is using AU To mode

What kinds of cards are you talking about?  Gigabit?  10G?  100baseFX? 
I'm also assuming since you mentioned negotiation that you're talking 
about Ethernet as the transport.

Are these NICs in a computer, interfaces on a router/switch, or some 
combination of the two?

Also, what do you mean by negotiation?  This could be speed and duplex 
negotiation, but depending on the kinds of equipment you're talking 
about, negotiation could mean a few different things.  Assuming you're 
talking about speed and duplex, having one side locked at a specific speed 
and/or duplex, and letting the other side autonegotiate can be dangerous 
in that the two devices can end up trying to use different settings.  More 
than likely, this would result in poor performance of the link due to 
collisions and retransmissions.  Try setting both sides to autonegotiate 
(if possible) first.

> Can they ping each other?

The cards themselves are just a means to connect two devices and pass 
(again, I'm making the assumption) Ethernet frames.  Pinging is a 
function of things running further up the network stack.


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