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Zaid Ali wrote (on Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 09:27:40AM -0700):
> Isn't that reserved for beer sessions at NANOG?

Bummer. I heard they don't lawyers into the beer sessions. :-)

> On 9/16/10 9:13 AM, "N. Yaakov Ziskind" <awacs at> wrote:
> > Does anyone have any information (beyond the wimpy statement that
> > "technical issues" were to blame) on the Chase outage?
> > 
> > It seems that when a multibillion dollar company's major web site is
> > down for more than a day, there must be juicy "technical issues" that
> > beg to be told. So, can anyone dish? :-)

The most intelligent thing I've found so far is this,

"Actually, they did have maintenance scheduled for Sunday Morning. Sunday
afternoon and night site worked and crashed Monday evening before 4 pm
or so, also noteworthy is that the site crashed last month as well, but
made no news splash as the outage was mostly in the weekend. It did
captured by a few websites that collect Chase gripes..

"So, it is unlikely that this is an attack. if it is one, it was a
prolonged attack. It is more likely that they crashed and corrupted
databases, in which case, they are restoring from tape, and will likely
have to validate many things. That sort of suggests that we might see it
come back up sometime tomorrow afternoon, or later if the restore fails
and they have to revert to a different backup."

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