Reverse DNS for IPv6 client networks

Elmar K. Bins elmi at
Tue Sep 14 12:27:59 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

I am looking for operational experience here.

We have just turned up IPv6 in our "guest wireless", by way of using RA
for address distribution and DHCPv6 for the DNS server address (stupid, yup).

Apart from the dhcp6 part seemingly not working on Juniper ISGs (or maybe it's
my windows *and* that Ubuntu), I now see IPv6 addresses instead of names.

I as a networking droid have not much quarrel with that, but I am interested
in how or whether at all others handle this.

Are you creating DNS entries somehow (reverse and, ultimately, forward),
are you using BIND "generate" statements, are you using wildcards...or
are you just ignoring this for the "dynamic boxes"?

Please enlighten me!


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