HE - anyone run into power issues with HE Colo Services?

Mike Leber mleber at he.net
Mon Sep 13 05:47:20 UTC 2010

On 9/12/10 9:04 AM, todd glassey wrote:
> Has anyone run into issues with HE's power and the limitations therein?
> For instance they seem to want to sell a second rack of space to get any
> reasonable amount of power into their enclosures.

Perhaps that was several years ago when we didn't offer custom power or 
recently and we failed to communicate our flexibility, however nowadays 
you can get as much power per cabinet in our facilities as you want to 
buy.  We have customers with 30 amp 120 volt circuits, others with dual 
20 amp 208 volt circuits plus a 15 amp 120 volt circuit, and we even 
have some customers with three phase 30 amp 208 volt electrical circuits.

Since the power delivered to a cabinet is the primary cost of a basic 
cabinet with one electrical circuit, the cost of additional 15 amp 
circuit is the same as a 15 amp cabinet.

> The basic 40U Rack only comes with a single source of power which is
> limited to 15A meaning it is really difficult to properly build out N+1
> type operations.

We can source electrical circuits from different PDUs if you specify it 
at the time of ordering.


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