List of Teredo servers and teredo relays

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Sun Sep 12 16:30:15 UTC 2010

On Sun, 12 Sep 2010, Leen Besselink wrote:

> On 09/12/2010 08:42 AM, Antonio Querubin wrote:
>> On Sat, 11 Sep 2010, Jared Mauch wrote:
>>> I would be careful actually using teredo, as some of them (eg:
>>> Microsoft) have swaths of native IPv6 networks that are unreachable.
>> While I would agree in principle, in practice we have little control
>> over what customers use.
> I don't agree, if you are an accessproivder I think it would there is
> one very important thing you can do or if you not yet able to do the
> next best thing:
> 1. provide native IPv6 to customers
> 2. setup your own tunnelservice or if you think people won't use your
> tunnelservice, setup relays
> The more IPv6 the accessprovider provides the bettter the results.
> Native or the closer the transition point the better.
> Atleast that is the theory. :-)

What makes you think we're not already doing all of the above?  :)

As I said, the problem is an ISP doesn't have control over what their 
customers choos to purchase and run in their own network.  An ISP can 
setup a fully dual-stack network everywhere in their own infrastructure 
but if the customer chooses to use only NATed IPv4 (for whatever reason) 
on their own equipment, it would be a foolish ISP that insists the 
customer must change out all their equipment.  Users will migrate to IPv6 
in their own time and their own way.  But if they happen to be behind some 
$50 NATed IPv4 router, it behooves the ISP to accomodate those 
out-of-the-box-running-Teredo devices as best as possible instead of 
relying on somebody elses Teredo relay.

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