List of Teredo servers and teredo relays

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I may be missing the point here completely but to me Teredo just seems like a glorified hack/workaround for a bigger problem. Isn't is better (yes less cost-effective) to just upgrade equipment?

I really don't see the advantage here. Maybe someone can explain away my ignorance to the concept?
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On Fri, 10 Sep 2010, Fernando Gont wrote:

> Does any body maintain a list of Teredo servers and Teredo relays?

A list of public Teredo servers might be useful.  But a list of public 
relays - not so much.

If you google around you'll eventually stumble across the following public 

The first is the default for Windows.  The second is the initial default 
for most Miredo installs.  The fourth is supposedly the default for the 
Debian Miredo package.

You can get an idea of where some public relays might be at:

But there may be a bunch of others not listed.  The relay used varies on a 
per-connection basis.  It'll generally be the closest relay to the 
non-teredo host.

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