NOC Automation / Best Practices

Nathan Eisenberg nathan at
Wed Sep 8 17:59:23 UTC 2010

> For either A, B or C you won't get my business, let alone a combination of all 3.
> *wah!* There is too much FORCE here. :-)
Agreed.  Just provide tubes and shut down infected customers until they clean up.  Keep it simple.  For content delivery, there are several non-evil ways of doing localization that don't involve caching the internet to hell and back - they'll work a LOT better and they place support in the content distributors court . At the very least, peering with them at the local IX should help a lot.

If you're going to try to control mail, do it explicitly.  Block 25 and provide a ratelimited, scoped relay server that people have to manually use if they NEED to use 25 - again, they should be using MSA instead, but...

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